About us

Harris & Tailor is a men’s style studio focused on bringing beautifully crafted apparel to our clients in a warm comfortable atmosphere.  Our spaces lend themselves to easy conversation and a creative dynamic low-pressure environment.  When you walk into our doors you are greeted by experienced clothiers with an extensive knowledge base.  They will offer you a beverage and get to know about your goals and aspirations.  By understanding what you love to do and how you spend your time, we can focus on the clothing that will reinvigorate your wardrobe and daily adventures. 

We carry luxurious ready to wear in the shop for our clients that can’t wait the 2 to 6 weeks to create an endless array of custom apparel from the finest fabrics and knits from around the world for not much more that what you would pay for off the rack.  And it will fit YOU! 

Hard at Work