Signature Johnny Corduroy Jacket

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The corduroy jacket is a staple of Americana and a great lightweight choice that's the perfect layer for anything you want to wear. It's versatile enough you never have to take it off, and perfect for the Pacific Northwest. A staple of the Johnny is the vibrant shades of staple colors, subtle details and keep the rest simple. The cuffs feature an arrow-cut design that compliments the eye-catching custom dyed color-match snaps. The custom snaps are ample without being cute or obnoxious and have a flat finish to keep from being overstated. The outside has two flat laying welt pockets that blend in to go purposely unseen. The inside seams have been finished and closed with chambray trim, and we leave you with plenty of room inside to layer. The Signature corduroy jacket is a favorite among creative professionals.

Produced in Los Angeles, Ca.

  • Vibrant & foldable brushed corduroy elevates any outfit.
  • Versatile styling usage – accessory that is an outfit -light weight custom color-matched snapping buttons.
  • 8.1 oz cotton corduroy/inside 4 oz chambray trim.
  • Hand stitched intricacies:
    • riveted snaps
    • inside pocket
    • arrow cut cuffs
    • detailed inside chambray trim.
    • Well crafted yoke back helping the garment to lay correctly.
    • Maintains proper fitting and size: well resourced, pre-washed & tested materials.

Featured model: height 5’11” weight 160lbs displaying small

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